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Achievements Of Wimo

In Import & Export Policies:

1) Machineries which were under the License Regime were put in OGL list (Open General license)    

2) Special inclusion of incentives for writing instruments exports like INCLUSION OF 

  1. DEPB scheme – which now stands  discontinued
  2. Duty free Advance license
  3. Focus Market scheme
  4. Focus product scheme
  5. Draw back scheme 

The above incentives have tremendously helped the industry to compete in the international market and our industry has grown many folds due to the same – in the International market.  


In Customs & Excise Duties:

1) For last several years, there was no excise duty on Pens & parts of pens. 

2) Even now there is only a minimal excise duty of 2% only on pens / FP / BP / Drawing inks. 

3)  Still there is no excise duty on parts of pens. 

4) Special excise duty of 6% on the import of largely consumed inks like Ball point pen inks, Fountain pen inks and pens of value not exceeding Rs. 200/per piece. 

5) And in the case of inks & refills consumed for the manufacture of pens of value not exceeding Rs.200/-, there would still be no excise duty. 

6) There is Special customs duty of only 5% on the import of parts of pens.


In Industrial Policy:

For number of years, writing instruments industry was falling under the category of SSI, having limitation of investment in plant and machinery, which was a limiting the growth of the Industry. 

Due to continuous efforts of WIMO, the industry was De-Reserved and now a manufacturer can now invest as much as required. 

These are some of the initiatives taken by WIMO due to untiring efforts of active members. 

Their efforts have helped the industry get recognized with various government bodies -  as a potential Industry for growth, especially in terms of exports.